Toronto Free-Net

Saturday, 18th September, 2010

Toronto's unique, communal ISP experience!

Toronto’s only communal ISP! What’s free is the freedom to participate and learn about the technical and logistical internal workings of a *nix / Free Software based ISP operation, and to be part of the decision making process, via the Board, should you wish to run for membership.

Toronto Free-Net began in ’94, as the …name implies, providing Free dial-up access to the internet, as it still does at 56 kbps.
Price-wise DSL service is just slightly cheaper than subscribing directly with TekSavvy, through whom TFN re-distributes/manages access. By getting the service via TFN you gain more control and more extensive ‘shell access’ as you learn more about what you can do with it.

If you’re even vaguely interested, but don’t know where to begin to learn about internetworking, TFN’s a great place to volunteer some hours per week; performing on-site tech tasks, tech support and/or administrative and maintenance work. It’s all for Toronto’s unique ISP experience! Endlessly cool ;-).


sand grain 001

Sunday, 25th October, 2009

Hitachi Develops RFID ‘Sand’ Chips